ALM series: steerable column speaker

Superior technology for best speech intelligibility

The new AIMLINE ALM series transmits easily understandable live announcements and precise messages. Due to the digitally controllable directivity, the complete frequency spectrum can be heard in the desired PA area. The combination of long range and wide horizontal opening angle has the advantage that only a few ALM speakers cover a large area. Therefore, the ALM loudspeakers are particularly suitable for installations where high speech intelligibility is required. For example in lecture halls, places of worship, airport terminals or shopping centers etc. The AIMLINE ALM series is additionally equipped with a 24 volt power supply and is compatible with an EN 54 certified emergency power supply system.

Configuring line array speakers has never been easier

The modular structure of up to three modules offers simple and easy installation. The automatic recognition of your own IP address in the PANC software speeds up the configuration process. The easy to understand and uncomplicated PANC configuration software makes configuring line array speakers easier than ever. The software calculates the adjustable sound direction and all internal parameters in real time.


Digital steerable column speaker with Dante and 24V emergency power.


Digital steerable column speaker with Dante and 24V emergency power.