We amplify emotions – we are aware of this responsibility.

We have achieved a lot since 2015. Already during this short time AIMLINE has become the epitome for digitally controllable sound systems. Planning consultants, media technicians, system integrators and many professional users on 6 continents have discovered AIMLINE for themselves.

We put all our passion and enthusiasm for technology and music into our products. With our solutions we give the best for our customers and their projects every day. We develop professional audio products and customized networkable audio solutions.

Good sound is the prerequisite – good speech intelligibility is the discipline

Good speech intelligibility of electro-acoustic systems is the discipline that emotionally engages listeners. With their many years of experience, our engineers develop high-performance products for the pro audio installation market. Our customers work closely with professional planning consultants, acoustic designers and architects, to whom we provide necessary digital measurement data (e.g. EASE).

Meanwhile, many of our products have been installed in university lecture halls, convention centers, shopping malls, churches and mosques, soccer stadiums, airports and train stations.

A perfect listening experience, top class sound quality, and high durability of our products are our goals.  The AIMLINE brand offers an innovative range of digitally steerable loudspeakers and sound reinforcement systems. Network-compatible PoE loudspeakers and PoE power amplifiers, e.g. for voice alarm systems, are our latest products.

Our brand name stands for targeted acoustic coverage of audience areas. Rooms that are acoustically difficult to cover are our specialty. Our “beam steering technology” reduces unwanted sound reflections and maximizes the amount of direct sound.

Our new production facility was commissioned in 2019 and uses only high-performance components from selected suppliers in Germany or the EU. Made in Germany is not a slogan for us, but a program.

At the beginning of 2021, our development department moved into the new company building, which offers a measuring station for acoustic measurements. The technical equipment includes high-quality measurement systems, state-of-the-art software for measurement and simulation, high-quality microphonics and a specially developed turntable for measurements of directional characteristics of our loudspeakers.

Quality according to international standards

  • Our production facility for electronic equipment is ISO 9001 certified.
    Our products are RoHS, WEEE and CE compliant.
  • High reliability and quality of our products.
  • Intuitive and powerful PAN C software.
  • Latest technologies in development and production enable manufacturing and processing at the highest level.
  • Quality control already starts with the development of new products.
    Our suppliers appreciate our quality standards and are mostly located in Germany / EU.
  • “Thermal stability”, “circuit security” and acoustic performance are well considered during development and handover to the production department.

Dedicated support

Of course, we are there for you by phone, e-mail or in person. A visit to us in Warendorf is possible by appointment.

Call us at +49 2581-9490 600 or send us an e-mail to info@aimline-audio.com.